Well, Mapleshade died after she killed Appledusk, whom she had blamed for the death of her kits as well as blaming Ravenwing and Frecklewish. It was believed by some that she would be leader one day. A moon later, she has kits. At the Gathering, Mapleshade sees Reedshine with Appledusk and is jealous. This leads me to my final theory, which is the only thing that I think truly makes sense: cats choose to go to StarClan or the Dark Forest. Yes. Appledusk nodded quickly. Ive seen the incidents that happened the past few weeks, and Petalkit certainly resembles..hmm..Appledusk. She spends the night in a barn, and believes she can hear her three kits crying out for her. Mapleshade tries to stop them talking, but Ravenwing reveals he had a omen, and thinks it's about the kits, that the kits do not belong in ThunderClan. I killed him for you! Mapleshade watched them, amused and satisfied. Someone I wished would be with you this very moment. Mapleshade pondered over the kind, handsome tom with those brilliant green eyes. You, out of all warriors, should know that. The fading part I got, thought was cool, until StarClan warriors in living memory were "faded" after death. That is my last promise to you.Mapleshade swears revenge against her former mate, Appledusk, for turning his back on her. Those kits were Thunderclan kits but Frecklewish didn't care. He never really wanted to be a warrior anyway.. So th kits grow up in Thunderclan. She planned to raise them until they were fully accepted, then reveal their half-Clan origins at the "right" time, hoping both ThunderClan and RiverClan would accept them for who they were - and by extention, accept her and Appledusk's relationship. It was entirely, 100% her fault. Mapleshade gave birth to Larchkit, Petalkit and Patchkit, and the Clan assumed Birchface was their father. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. She descended to the Dark Forest, and from there, Mapleshade continued to affect the lives of the living, such as attempting to ruin Crookedstar's life by making him give her a fateful promise, helping Tigerstar rise as ShadowClan's leader, and training Goosefeather. 2. Why would you want to go to StarClan? And, Mapleshade would have naturally hated StarClan for causing the exile of her/her kits by sending the omen to Ravenwing. That would be great for Patchkit. If he was the medicine cat, why does he need me? However, Mapleshade was forced to surrender after Ashfur was defeated by the Lights in the Mist and fled. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. Patchkit had to be carried for too . Its Icetufts Birthday! I was right. She also killed Frecklewish, who watched her kits drown, and Ravenwing, who revealed her secret as a result of an omen from StarClan, killing three cats in total. Created by Meks. I shouldnt have been so quick to judge. Or perhaps join ShadowClan or WindClan? Patchyface, thats my prey, because I caught it. CROOKEDSTAR LITERALLY WELCOMED GRAYSTRIPE (Silverstreams mate of thunderclan) WITH OPEN ARMS IN ORDER FOR HIM TO TAKE CARE OF HIS DARLING KITS! Cats who betray their Clan should be banished. If it is for Crimsonwish, Im gonna take it. She left vowing that they would regret what they did that day forever. Out of nowhere, Larchpaw leaped on him and pinned him to the ground, although his claws were sheathed. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. After spending moons in the Dark Forest, her appearance became rather distorted andemaciated, witha scarred head, muzzle and face, and ragged, patched, matted fur. Nettlebreeze says that Mapleshade deserves to go to the Dark Forest. (Birchface has SkyClan blood!) She takes her kits across the river, but they drown. Enraged, Mapleshade attacked and killed Spottedleaf, causing her to fade away forever. from the story Warriors: The Return Of The Greatest Heroes by CrazyFlamefur (Flamefur) with 2,660 reads. Thistleclaw was arrogant, aggressive, and had a thirst for leadership. Although I was trying not to let my personal bias cloud my analysis in the post. Well, he's the only cat to die and make it back to the Clans in a living body. Thistleclaw was absolutely insane and he let his insanity take him over the edge. Or evil? At a Gathering, there are tensions between ThunderClan and RiverClan due to a recent battle where two ThunderClan cats died (including the leader's son Birchface), but this doesn't stop Mapleshade of ThunderClan from talking to her secret mate Appledusk of RiverClan. He soon realizes that she's evil. A more likely explanation I think is that she and Ashfur pretended to feel bad about their actions to get into StarClan. So, I think theres enough evidence to say that Thistleclaws motives were bad. Once exiled, Mapleshade crosses the stepping stones when the rivers going to flood. A fresh fish, straight from the river! Appledusk plucks it down in front of the kits. Great article, you really are HollyleafTheGreat! Is Birchface really their father? Having lost everything she'd cared about, Mapleshade had nothing left to live for and heronly goal was taking revenge on those who had ruined her life. honestly, I'll never understand why Ashfur wasn't in the Dark Forest. Appledusk had promised to meet her at the ThunderClan-Riveclan border at sunhigh. When her secret was unveiled prematurely by Ravenwing, however, she and her kits wereexiled from ThunderClanas traitors. Mapleshade swears to get revenge on Appledusk. She was apprenticed to Bloomheart and later became a warrior known as Mapleshade. It is known that Mapleshade and a few others had survived the Great Battle, as she's later seen with Silverhawk in The Broken Code. by that logic, why wasn't Mapleshade accepted into StarClan? Appledusk tries to save them, but cannot. She admired them quickly. Stormkit was about their age when he broke his jaw trying to cross the stones. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Don't come any closer! Nothing, remember? Mapleshade deeply loved her kits, especially Patchkit, who seemed to be the most attached to her. Larchkit mews a RiverClan warrior had to save Patchkit. Imagine getting to taste real fresh-kill again! Mapleshade then turned her rage toward Appledusk. We will see what Oakstar says about this. She cuffed Wasppaws ear and he protested, following her to the leaders den. You must promise me that you will be loyal to your Clan above all other things. Frequently, the blame falls on everyone but Mapleshade. Upon taking her and the kit's bodies to RiverClan camp, Appledusk blamed Mapleshade for crossing the river which resulted in the kit's deaths, and rejected her in front of his Clan. You will regret this, Appledusk. Larchkit nodded. Mapleshades thoughts were interrupted by a groan. This list shows the victims Mapleshade has killed: Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Imagine the power we could have the revenge we could take. Narrator about Mapleshade's failed accomplishment. (Although thats a bit of a stretch imo.) Afterwards, she gets pregnant with his kits. Your loyalty should be to your Clan, not her! About your prophecy, it could mean anything!!! To be a loner when all you tried to do was love? Mapleshade then became a rogue and quicklyfell into insanity, her mind crawling withhallucinations of her drowned kits. Mapleshade is listed number 4 on the Best of the Worstlist of Warriors villains. Hawkfrost especially since he found it easy to manipulate Mothwing and make fake signs.). Copyright 2023. Mapleshade uncomfortably agrees, knowing that Appledusk is their real father. So, first off, this article did not change my mind about her (though it has good points). Mapleshade watched as the three kits ran up to sniff it. 674 takers Report. Darkstar denied Mapleshade a place in RiverClan, which fueled her anger even more. A nearby RiverClan patrol saved her, but to her horror, all three of her kits drowned, with Appledusk blaming her for their deaths. Sure, she's an excellent villain that breaks a lot of stereotypes, but that doesn't justify the murder of 3 cats. Petalpaw smiled back. She became cold, vicious, ruthless, manipulative,and obsessively vengeful, her psychedistorting to the point of insanity. Even in death and after exacting revenge, she could not let go of her pain and hatred, and targeted her enemies' descendants, even going so far as to turn her back on StarClan, whom she previously had faith in. She suddenly heard someone approaching. Wasppaw let out a yelp as he tumbled to the ground. She looked feverish. No kit of Birchface could jump that short," and stuff like that. Its been a little while but Im glad to be back I am Lilybreeze, and I have a ton of news to catch *drumrolls* at last, the moment all you wonderful folks have been waiting for! I love them, and I love you too. Thank you StarClan, Mapleshade thought. Ashfur still attempted to murder kitties. No! I blinked. During the battle between the Clans, StarClan and the Dark Forest, she tried to kill a ThunderClan senior warrior, Sandstorm, becauseshe had everything Mapleshade ever wanted: a mate who loved her, having kits that she could watch grow up and one day have kits of their own, and respect from her Clanmates, all of which she believed StarClan stole from her. Crookedstar's Promise, The Ultimate Guide, and Mapleshade's Vengeance state that she was rejected, the second book of which also states that she wasn't even allowed to stay the night in RiverClan's camp. Ravenwing scents me behind him. Momma, where are we going? Petalkit squeaked. She trusts me now, and I'm so close to the truth! There, her lust for vengeance unsatisfied, she plotted against ThunderClan and RiverClan, the clans who cast her out. Tabbies changing their stripes: Should the chance for redemption end at death? What If Mapleshade didn't make her kits go into the river? I dont get how shes so popular when she started her own problems! For now, you don't need to know anything else. Spottedpaw is bewildered, and when Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw to get rid of her, he leads her away from the scene. In Mapleshade's Vengeance, she falls in love with Appledusk. So, how can Ashfur be "not evil" in his heart, but Mapleshade is? Welcome to r/WarriorCats! That place is full of weak-willed cowards who clung to the warrior code like ants to a leaf in a puddle. But my siblings saved me. She is too late, and the she-cat fades from beneath her. I dont want your fat, greedy self eating this precious piece of prey.. Hes been like that the entire day. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. They should live as rogues and loners because that's what they are! However, on the way there, the river suddenly flooded and her kits were swept away. Wasppaw was being greedy and teasing Patchpaw, answered Petalpaw, who narrowed her eyes at Wasppaw. She was apprenticed to Bloomheart and later became a warrior known as Mapleshade. You will find much better company in the cats here, Tigerclaw.Mapleshade's changed opinion on StarClan. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Are Mapleshade kits in Starclan? Today was also the day of Half-Moon, where us medicine cats go to the Highstones. Mapleshade is one of thefewmajor female villains in the. I looked for revenge whenever I could! As they bring her back to camp, unsure if they can save her life, Mapleshade hears only one of her kits calling for her. In this story, Mapleshade drowns instead, forcing her kits; Patchkit, Larchkit, and Petalkit, to go to Riverclan with their real father, Appledusk. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! There, she tricks Frecklewish into leaping at an adder and getting bitten in the face. Why did Mapleshade hate Sandstorm? Im sorry. I hope you never see Ravenwing in StarClan. ", Mapleshade demanding Crookedkit's fateful promise, Mapleshade is a ragged[11] tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat[12] with amber eyes.[13]. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Just as she had promised to Reedshine, Mapleshade's desire for vengeance would never sleep. Hawkfrost | Rushtooth | Rainflower, WindClan Vicky has claimed she is tortoiseshell-and-white, She is also depicted as a tortoiseshell on the. Then Sandstorm chases Mapleshade to the border and comes back. I should have had all that!.Mapleshade attempting to murder Sandstorm. She goes to the Place Of No Stars and promises revenge on the Clans. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. This is where my issue with the Dark Forest is since who is sent to the Dark Forest or not seems rather arbitrary. Mapleshade, He stated, I have seen an omen. Oh Appledusk. So tell me, is Birchface really the father of this litter?, Mapleshade suddenly felt anger surge through her. I will never forget this. Also, they have the shape and body of a RiverClan cat. She stumbles to the barn where she'd slept before, and falls unconscious for the last time. Crookedkit agreed. She traps his apprentice as bait, and just when she's trying to get him to fight her, his new mate Reedshine shows up. You Fool! After RiverClan cast her out of the scene, Mapleshade went into grief and hallucinated of her dead kits crying out to be avenged. Mapleshade then moved onto Tigerkit, the grandson ofOakstar, who previously banished Mapleshade and her kits, and nephew of Frecklewish, one of her victims in life. I started to take it over to the medicine cat den, but someone interrupted me. 3. Mapleshadewas a female she-cat born in ThunderClan, one of the fivewarrior Clans, during the time that Oakstar was leader. He rejected her in front of RiverClan, who then refused to let her stay. His nameis Appledusk.. Deathberries come from the dark-leaved yew bush and can be characterized by their bright red color. Mapleshade gave her kits a warm look, "I promise." Then, she bounded towards the still-raging waters. But, this cant be the only criteria for entrance into the Dark Forest because other cats like Darkstripe, Thistleclaw and Hawkfrost are also in the Dark Forest, but none of them actually succeeded in murdering anyone. He took a vole from the fresh-kill pile and left. My next post will be about 5 cats that people think deserve the Dark Forest but dont (and one that absolutely does). You two mustve been a great couple.. In the recent months, and years, really, I've noticed that there have been a lot of people who, without much reason, just seem to defend Mapleshade and say she should go to Starclan, blah blah blah. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Yet he goes to StarClan and Mapleshade doesn't even though they both have similar motives (wanting to punish the cats that hurt them.) Kill Frecklewish.Kill Appledusk (all succeeded).Kill Reedshine and her unborn kittens (failed).Make murder victims' descendants suffer (succeeded).To exact total vengeance on ThunderClan and RiverClan (failed)Make Crookedstar evil (failed)Make Tigerstar evil (succeeded)Come back to the living world via possesion (Failed). Im tired! Larchkit complained. Long before she troubled the dreams of Crookedstar or Tigerclaw, Mapleshade was a warrior of ThunderClan. Birchface is rightfully their father, and they are Thunderclan cats through and through! Hawkfrost almost destroyed an enetire clan and was on the same path as tigerstar, he was ready to kill without mercy.I feel like thats enough to go to hell, 2)Hollyleaf didnt go to the dark forest because she was able to make up for what she did, and she faught to the death for her clan instead of the dark forest, 3)Ashfur didnt pretend to feel bad but starclan gives us the reason he went there.he did what he did out of love.I dont think that justifys anything but thats the reason, 4)Crowfeathers sidequest kind of shows us that you dont choose, he was almost killed and woke up in the dark forest, but he didnt choose to go there and was afraid until ashfur came and asked what the heck was going on with him, All in all i think the concept of starclan and the darkforest are pretty akin to our own, if your evil you go to hell, if your good you go to heaven, About your 1) point, my intention was never to argue that any cat in the Dark Forest was a good cat, who didn't deserve to be in the Dark Forest, just to point out there is no defined metric as to why cats go to the Dark Forest, beyond a nebulous sense of "oh, well they're bad.".